About Us

Surfcat Cafe and Adoptions
Oxnard, CA 93035 USA
What We Do

Surfcat rescues special, behavioral and medical needs kitties from our local municipal shelter. We rehabilitate these “overlooked” cats and kittens in foster homes, then find them loving forever homes.

As we have such high medical costs, we are always in need of financial help to save these special babies. Many of these cats suffered critical burns during the Southern California Wildfires, depleting our medical fund down to very little and now, because of Covid-19, Surfcat has seen an influx of cats being surrendered to our local shelters.

In the beginning of the pandemic many people, now working from home or unemployed, were adopting cats for companionship. On the other hand these were the people who were also losing their homes and more, forcing them to surrender their cats as a last ditch effort to make sure they were safe while they figured out their own living plans.

Unfortunately cats don’t thrive in shelters and they get sick and depressed and will literally shut down and die.

Where We’re Going

Surfcat decided to put its public brick and mortar plans on the back burner so we could save these precious kitties from certain death. We quickly grew our foster program and have been placing these kitties into warm, loving home environments. This will give them time to recover from the trauma of being left behind.

Surfcat needs your help now! 

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