Preparing for Natural Disasters

We live in California. Here, wildfires are a fact of life; so much so that handy (and somewhat grim, despite the fun name) sites like exist! They are out there just to show folks where wildfires are running rampant all across the state–and they always are.

Living in SoCal in particular, we understand all too well that our homes on build on top of fault lines. And unlike wildfires, which already provide so little warning, earthquakes can shake things up at any time at all. Californians know that “the big one” is coming. And despite the best efforts of expert seismologists, we are ultimately at the mercy of Mother Nature in that regard.

Perhaps you don’t live in California, but instead reside in an area where other natural disasters are a risk. Could you affected by hurricanes, tornadoes, or floods?

If you are at risk of any of these, your cat is too. Cats don’t learn to stand under doorways, hide in bathtubs, or stop, drop, and roll. So it is up to us to protect them.

The ASPCA has put together an excellent guide for cat owners, designed to help you ready yourself and your cat for a disaster. Unfortunately, it is not a matter of “if,” but “when.” And when the next disaster comes, your cat needs you to be ready. So check out the guide below and be prepared!

Or view/download directly from ASPCA at this link.


Helping two legged and four legged Thomas Fire Victims

So here we are in 2018 bidding a tragic farewell to 2017 as I so fondly call “the year from hell”. I received an email from someone I had met earlier in the year at CatCon. Daniel Lopez Brena, the Outreach & National Cat Help Desk Specialist for Alley Cat Allies was looking for a rescue in the Ventura County area to lead the rescue and reunite efforts for Thomas Fire victims. I was honored and excited to create this program now called Thomas Fire Rescue.Recover.Reunite

We started with 4 large containers, 4 small containers for food, 8 bowls and 4 StealthCam wildlife cameras with SIM cards. I became the crazy Facebook poster in search of lost and found cats effected by the largest wildfire in California History. With the help of the entire rescue community joining forces our work began. Everyday was another missing kitty posted on Ventura Missing Pet pages and there were many pages to go through. Texts came in with pictures of stray kitties that people were feeding. We needed to get them together and thats we did and are still doing.

So this is what you can do to help us continue our lifesaving program We Need Temporary Foster Homes
We need Volunteers

Thanksgiving is a time to be….

There are days when I contemplate throwing in the towel. Sometimes my passion is just not enough. And then I tell someone a story about what I do all day. On a day where I need to visit the shelter for a meeting, there is always a little one that is tucked away. He’s usually injured. She’s usually sad and confused not understanding what is happening or when she’s going home. Against the advice of my board or my business mentor citing that we will never be able to build our adoption center, I gather them up and place them into the hidden crates (that I keep in my trunk of my car) buckle them in and off we go. Safe and sound yet scared and wide eyed, another life has changed and will ultimately change my life and the life of the lucky adoptive family. This is why I do what I do. I am so grateful for everything in my life….So I thought it was time to share with all of you.
I am grateful for…
1. Waking up each day with no room for my legs to stretch.
2. Cat hair on my cloths…and towels…and everywhere cat hair lands.
3. My friends and family that no longer ask why…
4. The shelter who calls when they have no other options except the worst one…
5. All of the poop being solid and IN the box…
6. Surfcat supporters who always stand by me when we need them the most…
7. Head bonks that leave a mark on my face and my heart…
8. ;/.3l;4Zed When the kitties help me with my blog post…
9. A cat appears from her little cave to say hello for the first time and gives me a rub and a purr…
10. The purrfect human comes over to be adopted by a Surfcat and it doesn’t matter what that kitty looks like…
…and of course
My friends and family, good health and the will to keep going even when I think I can’t.

My hopes are that you will all take a moment to share what it is you are grateful for. So for now…

Meow and Mahalo

Top Cat

Fostering Saves Lives……

They say that when the weather cools down kitten season should slowly come to an end. That may be true in some areas but certainly not in Southern California. As kittens stream into our local shelter daily the adult cats languish in small cages in hopes of finding a home. I am fortunate to live in a community where our shelter does not kill purrfectly impurrfect cats for space. Unfortunately cats and cages are like fire and gasoline.
So what do we do as a community to help these forgotten cats?
Fostering Saves Lives.
It’s life changing for both kitty and foster parents alike.
This is Theo at Surfcat Intake and then a week before going to his forever home. Theo was in medical foster to heal from a leg amputation.
He was people and cage aggressive. It took about two months to recover him.

Theo at Intake
Right before going to his forever home

This is the difference a foster home can make. Look for our “Where are they now?” page featuring the journeys of
less adoptable cats from Shelter to Home coming soon!
More information and how to foster by clicking the links below!

Get started today!!

Click here to save a life by fostering a Surfcat today

One step forward….

Today was an emotional day. We got to say farewell to Bobble (Now Walter for his cute little “waltz”) and wish him well in his forever home. I say forever because his new mom and dad are amazing animal advocates for all creatures big and small. When I arrived with Bobble, his room was set up just for him… complete with a litter box, food and water all separate for his comfort. He peed, ate and then it was time to explore! I sat and watched him do rollovers and big stretches for his new housemate as if to say “Thanks for having me…lets play!” I left with a full heart knowing that I made a difference….for Bobble…for his new family and for Surfcat.
While finishing up the paperwork for Bobble/Walter I received a phone call. One of our kitties that had been adopted back in December of 2016 was coming back to Surfcat. When I asked why the person on the phone informed me that kitty had bit her…that she was never a nice kitty and that she ran every time she approached her. My heart sank…this was the first return of a kitten that was now an adult cat. Of course I would take her back immediately. She’s a Surfcat…always.
When she arrived it was not the adopter that I remembered. Turns out the original adopter had given her away as a gift. I’m not going to go there now because I want you to keep reading….this has a happy “right now”. We signed some paperwork and that was that. I had in the carrier the cat from hell. Now what? Up we went to quarantine where each Surfcat goes before being integrated into the general population. It’s not so bad….it has an ocean view and a ton of birds to watch. With care I opened up the door and out came….well, you’ll have to watch the video!! Click here to Meet Tory
I love my job…
Meow and Mahalo
Top Cat

Bobble the amazing Cerebellar Hyperplasia Cat with the cutest wiggle!!

On my Thursday shelter visit I came upon the sweetest little guy in the Vet’s office. He was purring and rubbing his head against the inside of his very small cage. “What’s up with this little cutie?”, I asked. Possible toxicity poisoning or head injury. We don’t think he’s a CH kitty. No one will adopt him, they said. You should take him, they said. You guys will find him a home right? When I took him out he was purring and rubbing his head against my chin. OK…we’ll take him. And that was that.
At home Bobble was a perfect gentleman. He looked for his box and food and water…then he settled down for a well deserved nap.
Now his days are filled with birdwatching, visiting with the other Surfcat residents and basking in the sun on his waterfront catio. Bobble will need a forever home where he will get the attention he deserves. We are not short of love here oh no…we do know that a kitty like this needs a home of his own.
If there were no more cats to rescue then I would adopt him as my own but we all know that we are a long way from that..

If you are interested in adopting Bobble please Click here and fill out our adoption application

Click here for information on CH kitties

Meow and Mahalo

It’s not over ’til the Cat Lady Cleans!!

After I read this article posted on “The Catington Post” website I realized how much it helped me to create a squeaky clean and safe home environment for the Surfcats. It needed to be shared so here you go!!!

Spring has sprung! And what that means for most of us is opening the windows, cleaning house, and finishing up projects. This is also a purr-fect time to do a bit of spring cleaning for our kitties, too! Enjoy these helpful tips for dealing with your cat’s mess in our Essential Spring Cleaning Guide for Cat Parents:

Deep Clean Everything
You’re probably in the habit of washing your own bedding every week, but how long has it been since you washed your cat’s bed and blankets? It should be done weekly, too! Choose a pet bed with easy-to-wash, removable cushions, and use several blankets and pads so that you can always have a clean one to use while the other is being washed. Cats are very sensitive to scented laundry soap, so be sure to use unscented detergent when washing your feline friend’s stuff.

Most people are used to washing their cat’s food and water dishes regularly, but have you washed the toys recently? Deep clean your cat’s toys by putting any plastic ones on the top rack of the dishwasher or washing in mild, soapy water. Stuffed toys can be laundered. Catnip toys that are more than a few months old have probably lost their potency and should be replaced with new, fresh catnip toys! To avoid having to toss out old toys all the time – replace them with refillable catnip toys that you can wash and reuse by stuffing with fresh ‘nip when they get old!

Most of us only use our crates or carriers a few times a year, take them to the vet and home, and then put them away. So, they rarely get washed. Spring Cleaning time is a perfect time to pull those crates out and give them a thorough scrubbing. Use warm, soapy water to clean plastic crates. If you want to use bleach to fully disinfect, mix one ounce of bleach with a quart of water and be sure to rinse it completely. Fabric and plush carriers can be a bit trickier to clean. Some are safe to put in your washing machine, while others will need to be soaked and scrubbed by hand and then hung to dry. Either way, use mild, unscented, cat-safe cleansers.

Get Organized
After everything is scrubbed and sparkling clean, take a few moments to get all these cat-related tasks taken care of:

Get ready for flea and tick season. Some cat parents in warmer climates need parasite prevention all year long, but if you live in a colder region, Spring is the time to start your cat’s flea and tick prevention.

Make sure your cat’s ID is up to date. If your cat has a microchip implant, now is the perfect time to make sure your contact information is current. If kitty doesn’t have a microchip, is the phone number and address on your cat’s collar ID tag current and accurate?

Take kitty for a checkup. Spring is a great time to bring your furry friend to his or her yearly visit to the veterinarian for a health checkup and to make sure he’s current on vaccines.

Go through your pantry. Just like human foods, cat food and treats have expiration dates. Discard anything that is past its date.

Spring Safety
If you’ve got a pet, Spring is a good time to do a house check for safety. Check all of your windows for loose screens or tears and repair or replace any broken screens. Make sure any cleaning products you use to clean are safe for your cat, or that you keep your cat away while you use them. If you’ll be doing any landscaping or yard work, be sure to only use plants that are safe for your cat, and be careful not to track any fertilizer or insecticides in the house.

Please visit The Catington Post for more great info!
The Catington Post

Blossom has been rescued!!!!

When director Leslie Weiss got the message that this kitty was not doing well at the shelter, she knew exactly what had to happen. After putting out a call for a foster home for this scared little girl, a quick reply came from newest board member Chelsea Sutula. The next day Leslie and Chelsea headed for the shelter where we found Blossom hiding in a cage, inside a box in quarantine. She had bit and scratched someone and was deemed “unadoptable”. After her human passed, family members dropped her at the shelter. This is a scene that happens far too often when pet guardians neglect to make arrangements (for their pets) after they pass.

You could tell that the minute she was out of the shelter she began to relax. Even the car ride home found her looking out the window and then napping her way to freedom. .

Foster mom Chelsea reported that although Blossom had found safety under the bed in her new suite, she was able to pet her and felt that with time she would become more relaxed and ultimately find her fur-ever home.

Blossom had a brief exam before she left the shelter and along with a few fleas and severe dental disease, a growth was found in her mouth. She will need a dental in the next couple of months and we pray that the growth is nothing major.

We will need the help of our Surfcat supporters to make this dental procedure a reality. She has not been to see the vets at Ohana Pet Hospital because we wanted her to settle in but when she does we will need your donations.

Click Here to Donate

For now we will work on making Blossom comfortable and stress free. We will keep you posted on her progress.

Meow and Mahalo…


Blossom at intake at the shelter…
Blossom arriving at her foster home!!

Theo has been rescued!

Theo was hit by a car, brought to the shelter and was saved by the amazing veterinary team at Ventura County Animal Services. During his recovery he became more and more aggressive to the staff and was unable to be cared for properly due to his behavior. Surfcat got the call that he was no longer adoptable and would need to be humanely euthanized. Because of his medical condition he was not a candidate for the barn program. Surfcat was able to rescue Theo and offer him a homelike setting while he recovered from his leg amputation, cracked hard palate and numerous other injuries. He is able to learn how to walk on three legs and is socializing with the other Surfcats. This picture speaks volumes as to what can be accomplished with space, love and patience. But Theo isn’t the first and most definitely not the last to need our help. Please donate today so we can help more kitties like Theo.