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These cats are being re-homed by their owners and all correspondence should be conducted via the email provided.


Meet Dudley!

A healthy, playful and very loving indoor cat needs a new home asap! His beloved owner passed away two weeks ago from cancer and he is in need of a new loving home (and treats!). He is used to being the only cat in a quiet household, and lives for cuddles in your lap. He is a month shy of 12 years old and his vet reports no health issues other than on the chunky side.  

Please contact Tracey for more information at (805) 620-2927.


Warrior is a gorgeous orange and white domestic ten-year old short hair. This beautiful indoor/outdoor cat lived next door to his current caregiver for about 10 years. The house was sold and Warrior’s folks (husband and wife, 3 kids, 2 dogs and another cat) moved nearby, but Warrior keeps returning across a busy street to the townhome area he still considers his home. He currently divides his time outside between his former address (currently under remodeling) and caregiver’s premises.

At his former home, he was good with dogs, cats and mature children. Caregiver would take him in in a heartbeat, but her indoor cats are too territorial to accept him. New owners of his former home haven’t moved in yet (it may still be months away). They have 2 small children and only intend to use the premises as a vacation home, so he needs a full-time owner, preferably out of the area, who will keep him inside, safe from cars and coyotes, where he won’t be tempted to try to return.

He’s neutered. No known medical problems. Vet and vaccination status unknown.

Former owners have released ownership in his best interests so he can be re-homed.

Fun facts:

Owners called him a trickster, but also an escape artist, so please adopt out of the area, if possible. He likes to sit at the screen door and watch caregiver’s cats play. He is very loving and likes a lot of attention.

Contact chris4223@mac.com

Big and Little

Big Boy and Little were my mom’s cats. She passed away in February. They have been together most of their lives.

Little appears to have been a feral cat. He likes to be petted, but gets scared easily, especially in new environments and when strangers come in the house. He does adjust after a few days. He is very affectionate with people he knows.

Big is Little’s companion and I would like them to stay together. He is a typical cat and enjoys sleeping on clean laundry and loves a little lick of ice cream when he gets a chance.

Both cats are healthy and very playful. Big Boy weighs 14 pounds. Little weighs 9 pounds and both cats get along with our pit bull.

I have been trying to rehome them since my mom died, but I haven’t had any luck. I am moving in three weeks and can’t bring them with me. Please help me with this. I have run out of time and options.

Both are good with cats and dogs and my mom did train them to get up on a step stool for a treat, but they will eat a treat even it there’s no step stool around.

Even though they are indoor cats, they both enjoy supervised visits in the backyard.

If you are interested in adopting Big and Little as a bonded pair, contact angierocks2000@gmail.com.

Winston and Penelope

I have two beautiful orange Tabbies that I must give up – it’s breaking my heart, but I have no choice. My partner of 14 years died last September, I lost my home and had 60 days to relocate from NC to CA. Due to C19 nobody was taking cats, so I drove them and my old dog across country.

I live with and care for my family but the HOA here is threatening my family with fines and eviction because we also have three dogs and there is a pet limit of three.

The cats are brother and sister, born May 6, 2020. Both have had shots and have been sterilized.

Winston (Winnie) is a big boy with long haired, four white boots and a gorgeous tail. Penelope (Penny) is petite and has short hair. They both have gold eyes, beautiful markings and good personalities. Both are used to dogs and other cats.

Do you have room for them?

They are good with cats and good with dogs

Winston is a big teddy bear; he’s gorgeous and he knows it. He’s a little clumsy, very playful and minds if you are patient.

Penny is a little hunter. She loves to bring me “presents”, is very smart, agile and a talker. They both purr loudly.

If you are interested in adopting Winston and Penelope as a bonded pair, contact mrgtkmp@hotmail.com.


Jake, a handsome, long-haired domestic cat was obtained from SPARC as a feral kitten.

Initially he was OK with my husband, me and one other cat. Sadly, my other cat passed away and Jake became withdrawn and will not come out from under the bed except for short periods of time. He hisses at my husband and me and will not come out when anyone is home. He’s scared of everything.

He’s been seen by the vet who said he’s unusually anxious – we tried meds which made things worse. I am working out of state most of the year so Jake needs a new home with one person in a quiet place.

It’s unfair that he has to live under the bed for the rest of his life…

Jake loves to have his belly scratched and rubbed and likes to be brushed.

If you are interested in adopting Jake, contact renteria5@msn.com.

Molly and Lulu

Molly (Tabby) and Lulu (Tuxedo) are two six year old female cats who were rescued from shelters when they were kittens. The owner, who loves them dearly, is moving across the country and, unfortunately, cannot take them with him.

Both are healthy.

Molly is a very sweet girl and likes to eat cobwebs when she goes on the patio for supervised playtime. Although she has never had kittens of her own, she has maternal instincts that make her a good cat mommy. She is very serious about napping and when she does, pretty much nothing will wake her up. She goes utterly bonkers when she smells canned chicken and tuna in the kitchen, although she has never had any…and for some reason, she loves the taste of beer. As a result of this, you will have to be careful not to leave your glass within her reach as she will help herself to it.

Lulu is very playful and her current owner is convinced that she thinks she is a dog. She is headstrong but that’s what makes her so adorable. Lulu also likes to watch racing on television but for some reason is afraid of Wheel of Fortune!

As these two have been together since they were babies, they are bonded and it is the owner’s desire that they stay together.

If you are interested in adopting both Molly and Lulu, contact jjackson@callutheran.edu


Duke, aka Mr. Man, is one year old and adopted our front porch around the end of May. We’ve been caring for him and looking for his furever home ever since.

He has been neutered and brought up to date on all of his shots and has been tested and is Feline negative. He is currently recovering from a bite wound on his rear end thus the blue cone of shame. He is super cuddly and content and deserves a wonderful forever home.  

Cat’s Personality: He’s happiest when he is getting snuggles and loves to just lie in the sun. He initially thought our dog was an enemy but now he may have developed a crush on her. He’s been very good with my kids, five and ten years old.

If you are interested in adopting Duke contact carolyn.lawrence@mac.com


Noodles, aka Noodle-bug, is my beloved six-year-old kitty, who helped me grieve after the deaths of my husband and infant. However, with the addition of a new baby, family and other pets, Noodles has become more stressful than I can bear.

She is a very loving cat who is loyal, affectionate, and playful once she gets to know and trust you. I have no doubt that she is attuned to her human’s feelings but she is slow to trust.

I adopted her from the Agoura Shelter over two years ago and I believe she was traumatized by her previous owner and/or being moved around during the fires in that area. She hides around kids and does not like other cats. She is OK around small dogs.

Someone who is patient and can give her one-on-one attention would be best.

She is an indoor, timid cat and she has developed behavioral issues but I believe this is due to a change in my family system and not physical/medical. I am prayerful that she can find a new loving human.

Cat’s Personality: Good with dogs.

Noodles is a great emotional support animal. She loves playing with toy mice and cuddles, especially at night.

If you are interested in adopting Noodles contact erinopdahl@gmail.com

Cindy Lou

Cindy Lou is an affectionate, loyal and gorgeous red “Swirl” Tabby.  She is inquisitive, smart and super friendly.  Show her your Qi-Gong/Yoga post, and she will like to jump up and make herself comfy on your back – as you can see in her second photo!  : )  Cindy Lou likes to be with people and will follow you around the house to be where you are.  She has very soft fur and a great, ever-present purr. 

Cindy Lou is also adorably playful.  She loves kitty scratching posts, playing interactively with you and a wand toy, and she has a great time batting and chasing kitty balls.  Cindy Lou thinks everything is a toy!  She even has fun watching water bubbles.  You will laugh watching her joyfully dash around at top speed! 

Cindy Lou started life by living on her own, outside.  At her foster home, she has been learning the inside life and becoming socialized.  As you can see in her photos and hear in her purrs, she is doing great!  Still, she will need your help to adjust to a new home. We think she will do best in an adult-only home with a cat person who will continue her training, and who will give Cindy Lou understanding and time to feel safe and show her playful and affectionate personality. Once she does, this gorgeous girl will reward you with her delightfully fun-loving nature and her endearing charm!

Cindy Lou is about 2 years old. She is spayed, has her FVRCP and rabies vaccinations, tested negative for FeLV/FIV, and she is dewormed and microchipped.  Her litter box habits are excellent.  

Cindy Lou is currently living in the Ventura area.  If you would like more information or to meet beautiful Cindy Lou, please contact Shelley Harrison at (805) 258-6623, or email sharrison9@yahoo.com



Piggy whose owner is relocating and cannot take Piggy with her, is nine years old. She is very shy but has a sweet personality. Once you start scratching her cheeks she becomes the biggest cuddler and will demand your love. She loves to play and has the cutest meow. Talk to her and she talks right back.

She would be happiest as the only cat in the family. 

If you are interested in adopting Piggy contact bb.hook@hotmail.com.



Tigger is a cat rescued from people that made and used meth. They eventually were arrested and he was homeless for a couple of years before he was rescued again. He loves rubbing on your feet – he is a great cat.

He has kitty colitis, his belly looks like he is pregnant but he is still a beautiful cat. He could probably get better on a special diet but we have fifteen cats here and it’s difficult feeding one differently.

If you are interested in adopting Tigger contact elkebies@aol.com.



This is Snughles and he was given the right name. He is nine or ten years old and he is indeed a snuggler. He likes to be loved and loves to sleep on your bed close to you. He likes some cats but not others. He is great with people and dogs. He is a wonderful cat. One day he had a black spot on his left eye, and then he got more and more spots and now the eye is black. I don’t know if he can see with this eye but several vets said he is OK as long as he is not in pain. He doesn’t seem to be in pain. This started about five years ago. His other eye is perfect. He is a lovely snuggler!

If you are interested in adopting Shughles contact elkebies@aol.com.



This is Pumpkin who was rescued as a kitten. He is about nine years old, is a talker and wants to be loved all the time.

When you pet him and then stop, he’ll grab you to keep going. He is a lap cat, very easy going with people, cats and dogs. He will make someone an amazing, loving companion.

If you are interested in adopting Pumpkin contact elkebies@aol.com.



This beautiful girl is very close to my heart. She is 18 months old and I rescued her personally from about ten huge ravens that were after her.

I was driving to work when she ran across the street right in front of me at about six weeks old. I tried to catch her but it was impossible. I was about to give up when I saw at least ten big ravens coming out of the trees in a park trying to get her. I saw her running for her life and up a tree. I ran over and someone saw my effort to catch her and brought a ladder. She was so traumatized that I was able to just grab her and take her home.

I got the flu the next day, really badly, and I was able to hang out in bed with her for almost four weeks, so I had her pretty tame by then. When I went back to work, she started mingling with the other cats and became feral again. The thing is she is so afraid of the outside she would not survive if she did get out.

I can pet her tail and thighs but if I go further up her body she hits me with her paw but with no nails, just a sweet warning. She comes for food when I call her and she trusts me. I’m not pushing her so I can almost step over her and she doesn’t move.

She needs someone that will be patient with her and finish the job to tame her. She loves my dog and the other cats, and she is big. She grew so fast I thought I had rescued a bob cat! 

If you are interested in adopting Mia contact elkebies@aol.com.



Izzy is a big lover. She is an alpha cat. If there are more cats in the household she marks her territory. She is beautiful and she knows it. She loves my dog and Tigger (see above) her playmate. She is easy going and is about four, maybe five, years old. She is also good with kids, dogs and other cats.

Great cat!

If you are interested in adopting Izzy contact elkebies@aol.com.

Rasco and Samantha

Rasco and Samantha

These are Rasco and Samantha.

Rasco, a blue ragdoll, has had asthma since he was a kitten. It’s not that bad, he is not on medication, he just snores a lot.

Samantha was rescued from a homeless person who had eleven cats hanging on a shopping cart in four pet carriers. She is still a little afraid of things. She likes to be petted but doesn’t let you touch her head. We are not sure of her age but we think she is around six or seven years old.

These two are inseparable. He is her security blanket.

If you are interested in adopting Rasco and Samantha contact elkebies@aol.com.



This is Trouble. He was found under a bush in the desert at five weeks old. He is a big lover and lap cat and has a beautiful personality. He loves other cats, dogs and people. He is a little afraid of big noises; when I sneeze he jumps or runs away, but comes right back, again. He is a little insecure and can easily be bullied by another cat.

He is an incredible cat – it breaks my heart that I can’t keep him.

If you are interested in adopting Trouble contact elkebies@aol.com.



This is Katie, she is eight or nine years old. She was rescued among eleven other cats hanging in four carriers on a shopping cart of a homeless person that bred them to sell kittens. She was a total feral and almost died when she had one kitten. She is now a lapcat.

She is still a little skittish but she comes and wants to be petted all the time. She is not good with other cats and terrified of children and lots of noises. She would make a lovely cat for a single person. She is OK with a dog that doesn’t bother her.

She is a beautiful cat.

If you are interested in adopting Katie contact elkebies@aol.com.

Cloe and Cody

Cloe and Cody

Cody (right) is about eight years old. He was shot in the neck with a BB gun but he survived. He sleeps with me every night and likes to be really close. He is an amazing cat.

He raised several of my rescued kittens like a mother. One if them is Cloe the tuxedo, seen here. I rescued her at five weeks, totally feral. She is now tame, can’t resist being petted but is totally dependent on Cody. She alone would be lost.

It took me three years to get her so tame. She is four years old.

If you are interested in adopting Cloe and Cody contact elkebies@aol.com.

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