Our Vision

A Cat Lounge?

A cat lounge is part education center, part cat adoption center. Visitors can relax with a group of adoptable cats in a home-like environment that is designed to keep our resident kitties healthy and content. Surfcat guests will be allowed to bring snacks and beverages inside the lounge area where the kitties reside.

Cat Lounges are great for people who love cats or want to get to know cats.  It’s just a “purrfect” place to be. A cat lounge is also a place where people who may not be able to have a cat at home can come and enjoy the company of cats. At the same time, cat cafes help get homeless cats out of shelter cages and into permanent homes while providing support for our local animal shelter.

How it Works

In order to maximize the experience for our guests, we will recommend that you book an online reservation in advance. Walk-ins welcome, when space allows. We will allow a maximum number of people into the lounge  at one time, based on the amount of space and cats we will have. We will ask that you arrive early to review the “cat lounge rules” and sign a waiver before entering the cat lounge. There will be an hourly cover-fee to help with operational costs such as rent and utilities.

Guests can enjoy free Wi-Fi, reading material and soothing music in the lounge. Stay tuned for other exciting activities. Check our Events calendar.

Then of course, we will have a pride of cats! Enjoy the company of purring and snuggly cats while they enjoy your company. The cats will help you relax, have fun and maybe even convince you to adopt them.