Fostering Saves Lives……

They say that when the weather cools down kitten season should slowly come to an end. That may be true in some areas but certainly not in Southern California. As kittens stream into our local shelter daily the adult cats languish in small cages in hopes of finding a home. I am fortunate to live in a community where our shelter does not kill purrfectly impurrfect cats for space. Unfortunately cats and cages are like fire and gasoline.
So what do we do as a community to help these forgotten cats?
Fostering Saves Lives.
It’s life changing for both kitty and foster parents alike.
This is Theo at Surfcat Intake and then a week before going to his forever home. Theo was in medical foster to heal from a leg amputation.
He was people and cage aggressive. It took about two months to recover him.

This is the difference a foster home can make. Look for our “Where are they now?” page featuring the journeys of
less adoptable cats from Shelter to Home coming soon!
More information and how to foster by clicking the links below!

Get started today!!

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