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Alistair Needs Urgent Dental Care!

by | Sep 14, 2021 | Blog, General News, Kitty News

Alistair Needs Urgent Dental Treatment!

Alistair was turned in to a local shelter by his owner when they couldn’t afford proper care for him. Their goal was to have him euthanized. Fortunately this shelter didn’t agree and contacted Surfcat to save this beautiful boy so he didn’t have to die or spend one more moment in a cage.

On our first vet visit, the doctor was astounded by the condition of Alistair’s mouth. The vet admitted that Alistair’s mouth was more than a GP should tackle and sent us to a specialist.

Alistair  is a handsome, seven year old British shorthair mix. He has been through a lot in his life. When Surfcat rescued him we knew he had some dental issues but were unaware of how serious they were.

Luckily he does not have cancer but he does have chronic stomatitis and will need a full mouth extraction. He does receive pain meds several times a day and has a warm, safe place to relax, be loved, eat and be happy.

We currently need $2,500 for Alistair’s dental costs and we are asking for your help so that Alistair can live a full and healthy life without the pain that he has been suffering for a long time!

UPDATE: Alistair has had his dental work. Many thanks to those who helped make it possible! 

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