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Vincent Urgently Needs Dental Treatment!

by | Dec 4, 2021 | Blog, General News, Kitty News, Urgent Needs

Vincent Needs Urgent Dental Treatment!

Vincent was rescued from quarantine at our local shelter for biting. He was a beautiful misunderstood boy who just needed the love and attention of an understanding human.

Vincent was diagnosed with IBD lymphoma and Pancreatitis. Treatment for him was tricky but he is doing ok now. When he first came to us we noticed he had some dental disease but needed to put that on the back burner to help him with his other issues, first. Now the dental issues have become more advanced and he is in constant pain. It’s time for him to get his dental treatment ASAP.

His treatment is scheduled for December 20.

Vincent is a 13 year old loving kitty who after spending seven months in a cage in a shelter before being rescued by us is currently the heart of Surfcat.

He loves to rub up against you, shows his gratitude with lots of head bops and gives gentle love bites daily. After settling down, Vincent gets along with humans of all sizes, dogs from a distance and cats and kittens.

He stole our hearts and would love to steal yours!

We need $1,000 for his treatment to relieve his discomfort and make the remainder of his years happy, pain-free ones. 

UPDATE: As of December 10, we have received 112% of the dental fees we need!! Our hearts are full and we thank you so, so much for your kindness and generosity.

Please know that any extra  funds received will go to our general medical fund which currently is extremely low but will still be used to help unhealthy or hurt kitties.

THANK YOU again – we really can’t do it without you!!

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