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Blossom has been rescued!!!!

by | Jun 8, 2017 | Blog, General News

When director Leslie Weiss got the message that this kitty was not doing well at the shelter, she knew exactly what had to happen. After putting out a call for a foster home for this scared little girl, a quick reply came from newest board member Chelsea Sutula. The next day Leslie and Chelsea headed for the shelter where we found Blossom hiding in a cage, inside a box in quarantine. She had bit and scratched someone and was deemed “unadoptable”. After her human passed, family members dropped her at the shelter. This is a scene that happens far too often when pet guardians neglect to make arrangements (for their pets) after they pass.

You could tell that the minute she was out of the shelter she began to relax. Even the car ride home found her looking out the window and then napping her way to freedom. .

Foster mom Chelsea reported that although Blossom had found safety under the bed in her new suite, she was able to pet her and felt that with time she would become more relaxed and ultimately find her fur-ever home.

Blossom had a brief exam before she left the shelter and along with a few fleas and severe dental disease, a growth was found in her mouth. She will need a dental in the next couple of months and we pray that the growth is nothing major.

We will need the help of our Surfcat supporters to make this dental procedure a reality. She has not been to see the vets at Ohana Pet Hospital because we wanted her to settle in but when she does we will need your donations.

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For now we will work on making Blossom comfortable and stress free. We will keep you posted on her progress.

Meow and Mahalo…

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