Bobble the amazing Cerebellar Hyperplasia Cat with the cutest wiggle!!

On my Thursday shelter visit I came upon the sweetest little guy in the Vet’s office. He was purring and rubbing his head against the inside of his very small cage. “What’s up with this little cutie?”, I asked. Possible toxicity poisoning or head injury. We don’t think he’s a CH kitty. No one will adopt him, they said. You should take him, they said. You guys will find him a home right? When I took him out he was purring and rubbing his head against my chin. OK…we’ll take him. And that was that.
At home Bobble was a perfect gentleman. He looked for his box and food and water…then he settled down for a well deserved nap.
Now his days are filled with birdwatching, visiting with the other Surfcat residents and basking in the sun on his waterfront catio. Bobble will need a forever home where he will get the attention he deserves. We are not short of love here oh no…we do know that a kitty like this needs a home of his own.
If there were no more cats to rescue then I would adopt him as my own but we all know that we are a long way from that..

If you are interested in adopting Bobble please Click here and fill out our adoption application

Click here for information on CH kitties

Meow and Mahalo

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