Dylan's Story...

Dylan was fading in a shelter cage but when Leslie saw a plea to get this handsome senior orange tabby boy out of the shelter, there was no time to spare. His expiration date had been set and she needed to move quickly in order to save him.

Once he was out of the shelter and in the car, you could see him light up. You could see in his eyes, he knew he was safe.

At 10 years plus he was still intact. His teeth were a hot mess and he needed some love and care.

Enter foster mom Jimilyn.

She was ready and waiting to do just that. After a slow introduction, Dylan was ready to explore a bit and even though the other cats in the house were not having anything to do with him, Jimilyn knew he was a gem. We set his vet appointment so we could see what medical attention was needed.

Fast forward to now. Dylan has been neutered and had a major dental procedure. It didn’t take long for him to capture the attention of his new mommy.

Once Dylan has his follow-up visit at the vet, he will be on his way to a new home and a new life.

Thanks to the generosity of you and your donations, Dylan is a healthy boy with a happy life ahead of him!!

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