Senior Cats Needing Life-Saving Care

Surfcat has rescued several senior cats (right) during the past few weeks and more are coming in each week. As these kitties settle into their foster homes, we have been taking them to the vet to make sure that they are healthy and pain free. What we’ve discovered is that several need medical and dental procedures.
We urgently need your help.
Please help if you can by donating and sharing. Your contribution will make an impact, whether you donate $5 or $500. Every little bit helps. 

Please donate here. 

Update on Linda

Linda had her surgery to remove a giant necrotic tumor but we had a scare when we were told that she might not make it! Thankfully, she did make it and all things considered she’s doing well. We are waiting on biopsy results but in the meantime she will get her stitches out in a few days.

Thank you all so much for the life saving donations. She wouldn’t be alive right now it is wasn’t for your generosity and kindness!

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