Please Help Save Moxie!

We rescued Moxie hours before she was to be euthanized. She was a spunky little girl with bad eye infections and we knew one would need to be surgically removed. In foster she was a sweetie pie.

Then one day she stopped using her box and before long she was unable to walk. After a vet visit and almost $800 later we agreed that it could be FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis). Tests have been done and we’re waiting on results but in the meantime we contacted an FIP group and after a short review we all agreed that it was FIP. Moxie had her first injection of the FIP drug that night.

The total cost for her treatment will be about $2,500 that includes the $800 we’ve already paid for testing. Your donations will go directly to save Moxie and any funds remaining will go into our general medical fund which right now is empty.

We can’t and won’t give up on this baby.

This precious kitty deserves whatever it takes to heal her and find her the best home ever. With your help we can do it!

UPDATE: Thanks to your support we raised $2,540 so we actually exceeded our goal! 

THANK YOU! We appreciate, beyond words, your kindness and generosity!

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